American Gymnastics Club was started in Ukraine. Who we are?


For the first time in Ukraine, A.G.C (American Gymnastics Club) – the only network of sports clubs working on General Gymnastics (if you decide to Google – “recreational gymnastics”) – is starting to work. It is used for physical rehabilitation for all different ages. This is the first club in Ukraine with the most advanced equipment for ALL (link to the menu of gymnastics programs) who want to do gymnastics. This is a new approach to improving the health of children and adults. After all, gymnastics is a sport that harmoniously and easily improves the physical fitness and provides even technical training.

Take a minute to go to the gym on a weekday, you will have to wait for a fitness machine. Sport have inevitably become trendy. As adults if we need to drive ourselves on a treadmill, it’s difficult to force a child to do to the same! Therefore, the world trend of mass sport, universal gymnastics for everyone – Gymnastics for All. It heals and does not have any age restrictions.
This program is unique due to the individual approach our staff shows to each child. Motivation, encouragement and great interest “and what’s next?” attitude, our coaches do not make, but get interested, so the classes bring joy and happiness to your child. After training, children become more active, courageous, purposeful, and even a little daring, because this is what is needed in the present world.

American Gymnastics Club

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