Progressive Gymnastics

Age: 7 – 18 years old

Duration: 55 minutes

Gymnastics for progressive participants. Classes are intended for boys, girls and children in the age categories:

Boys 5-7 years old
Boys 8-10 years old
Boys 11-14 years old
Boys 15+ years old

Girls 5-7 years old
Girls 8-10 years old
Girls 11-14 years old
Girls 15+ years old

For children with previous experience in gymnastics and desire to improve their skills level. Girls and boys who practice in this group must be skillful in exercises on each of the gymnastic apparatus (vault, uneven parallel bars, parallel bars, crossbar, rings, gymnastic beam and various acrobatic exercises).

During classes a differentiated approach is taken in the choice of muscle loading according to the child’s age and physical abilities. Children with previous experience can raise their qualification training to several times a week.