About us

The American Gymnastics Club is the first and only network of unique sports clubs in the country based on developing gymnastics (if you decide to read “recreational gymnastics” on Google) The first gymnastic club in Ukraine began its work in October 2018. For this period was appreciated and felt by thousands of children and adults.

What attracts classes with developing gymnastics? The answer is quite simple: never has gymnastics been so accessible to everyone. You do not need to pass the selection, to hear that it is already “late” for you, you just need to have the desire and make your dreams come true. The uniqueness and versatility of the training program lies in the variety of exercises, a large number of modern equipment, a professional team of trainers and a clear classification of groups, because classes are suitable for both one and a half year old children and adults, both for beginners who are just getting acquainted with gymnastic exercises, and for progressive teens who want to improve their skills.

Motivation, encouragement and great interest are what each of us needs, and above all children. At the American Gymnastics Club, coaches do not force, but find an approach to everyone and help to believe in their abilities, so classes are held in a positive, relaxed atmosphere. And as a result, after training, you and your children are in a good mood, with a sense of pleasure.

You can talk for hours about the benefits of classes. But there are key features that are so necessary for everyone in the current world: activity, courage, high self-esteem, self-confidence. But we must not forget about the health benefits: strengthening the musculoskeletal system, strengthening bones, joint flexibility, muscle elasticity and strengthening the immune system – isn’t this so necessary for children at an early age?

In addition to daily activities, the American Gymnastics Club hosts “Demonstration Performances” and various theme parties that help to gather active like-minded people and popularize and instill a love for sports, turning it into a lifestyle



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