About us

Philosophy of the club

Showing Social and Personal Responsibility to insure a healthy and happy future for the youth of the Ukraine

The purpose of the project

Adaptation and implementation of the best international forms of physical sports and culture for Ukraine’s people. Implementation of a unique modern approach towards the promotion of physical education and sports in Ukraine. Mainly the inspiration of student’s motivation and pleasure from physical activity. We want to help with proper early physical development of a child, starting with their first steps.

American Gymnastics Club was started in Ukraine


It takes at least 21 days of doing sports for a habit to form (or so they say). Therefore, we want to share our love of sports with you and your children. Through gymnastics, your children will gain a strong and enduring body, have good posture, and an increase of self-confidence. You also get to choose how seriously you want to take gymnastics. You or your child can choose a competitive sports path, or just a fun and healthy way to get a better physical condition. The objective of training is to create a safe and positive work-out atmosphere that will encourage any child. In all cases, highly skilled instructors conduct classes in accordance with the program you have selected.

For the first time in Ukraine, A.G.C (American Gymnastics Club) – the only network of sports clubs working on General Gymnastics (if you decide to Google – “recreational gymnastics”) – is starting to work. It is used for physical rehabilitation for all different ages. This is the first club in Ukraine with the most advanced equipment for ALL (link to the menu of gymnastics programs) who want to do gymnastics. This is a new approach to improving the health of children and adults. After all, gymnastics is a sport that harmoniously and easily improves the physical fitness and provides even technical training.

Take a minute to go to the gym on a weekday, you will have to wait for a fitness machine. Sport have inevitably become trendy. As adults if we need to drive ourselves on a treadmill, it’s difficult to force a child to do to the same! Therefore, the world trend of mass sport, universal gymnastics for everyone – Gymnastics for All. It heals and does not have any age restrictions.
This program is unique due to the individual approach our staff shows to each child. Motivation, encouragement and great interest “and what’s next?” attitude, our coaches do not make, but get interested, so the classes bring joy and happiness to your child. After training, children become more active, courageous, purposeful, and even a little daring, because this is what is needed in the present world.

American Gymnastics Club participates in charity projects and plans to involve as many Ukrainian people as possible to participate in the international gymnastic movement “Gymnastics for All”. Through a variety of programs and activities designed for people of different sex, age and fitness level, Gymnastics for All promotes physical literacy, health, wellness and active lifestyle.



The fully renovated 500sq. m. gymnasium meets all the most up-to-date requirements.

Safety is above all! The American Gymnastics Center is outfitted with the latest equipment from GYMNOVA (official supplier of the Olympic Games, World and European Championships).

The high-quality and modern equipment makes the classes as comfortable as possible. The only gym in Ukraine sports hall that meets absolutely all international safety requirements. The room has a system of maintaining a comfortable temperature and humidity and there are CCTV cameras.

We have more than 100 pieces of equipment from the world-class manufacturer of gymnastics equipment GYMNOVA (France), includes a specially developed series of equipment called the EDU GYM by GYMNOVA for our youngest visitors of the hall (1.5-4.5 years old). This specially developed series of equipment made up of bright colors that cause a burst of positive emotions at children. Made from completely safe materials in accordance with world standards of quality.

Also, there is a modern fire alarm safety system, a comfortable waiting area for parents with monitors, which transmit an image from the security cameras of the gym and modernly designed rooms.


The American Gymnastics Center is in the very center of Kyiv, on the territory of the National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine at Fizkultury st. 1, Building 3.
A parking lot is available on the territory of the club.



street Fizkultury 1, building 3


044 333 71 01