Age: 2.5-3.5 years old

Duration: 45 minutes

Safety and comfort are the main priorities in developing training programs for preschool children. Wall protective mats and soft, colorful gymnastic foamed rubber mats of different geometric shapes: triangles, barrels, ladders, trapezes, protect from possible injuries. All the equipment is designed and manufactured in France, by GYMNOVA, specially for preschool children, taking into account the necessary safety measures.

Exercises are carried out using gymnastic ladders, gymnastic mini bars and mini rings, climbing ropes, gymnastic mini beams, trampolines and inflatable tumbling track, children’s trampoline and “foam pit” for landing and much more! This fun program consists of active games, choreographic exercises, individual exercises on special children’s gymnastic equipment, as well as dance and calisthenic routine.

Popular children’s music is selected to the theme of the classes, helping children learn the program faster through recognition.
During classes children perform exercises that help strengthen the pectoral muscle sling and make a correct posture, which is crucial for the children of this age group, as well as train balance and courage on the beam and the Swedish wall, develop coordination and strength through the obstacles track and trampoline exercises, perform strength exercises on the bars, rings and beam, they play functional games in the ” foam pit”, learn to perform a handstand and various handsprings.

During the class children develop not only physical abilities, but also learn to count, learn the shape and color of objects and carry out developmental tasks with various objects.