Parents and me

Age: 1,5-2,5 years old

Duration: 45 minutes

These are mixed classes for parents and children. Children master the basics of gymnastics to music and entertain with the opportunity to break away from parents.

Our unique program is carried out in a unique children’s room, which is equipped with a bright obstacle course, created with the help of modern sports methodologies it offers many great benefits. Possibly the most important benefit of the Parents and Me program (transition to the schedule) is the early physical development of a baby as soon as it takes its first steps. For this purpose, there is a program for the youngest – from 1.5 to 2.5 years old. These classes are for kids, their parents.
Having a safe training space with highly skilled coaches, your child will develop not only physically, but mentally. Our system of training and routine are done while playing in order to be interesting and to grab the child’s attention which leads them to develop physical skills and abilities that are needed not only in sports, but also in everyday life. During our classes children not only perform physical exercises, but also tasks related to physical assessments and we will offer the best way to solve motor deficiency. At the same time, coordination and dexterity, attention, memory and intelligence are developed. This allows your child to grow not only physically but also mentally.

The main tasks while working with the youngest children are:

• to teach the main movements in the early stages of development
• make physical activity a norm of everyday life
• develop self-esteem and self-respect in the child
• instill social skills: ability to share, listen and be social!

Therefore, not only does physical training tasks are solved on classes. The child will be discovering the capability of their own body, strength and flexibility, learning figures, letters, colors, animals, seasons, nature through gymnastics. At the same time, mom, dad or relatives can be active and witness all the children’s joy from classes and see what tactics help them learn the best.

In this group the parent and child should be together, it will help them to concentrate and follow the coach’s instruction.

The course program includes:
• Exercises specifically focused on coordination, balance, and strength that are performed on the obstacle course
• Training games with objects (balls, cubes, ropes, hoops)
• Exercises for strengthening the pectoral muscle sling
Exercises in the development of lifestyle skills such as walking, running, jumping
• Coordination and dexterity exercises using a balance beam and a Swedish wall
• Exercises for the development of flexibility and coordination of movements using the fitness balls
• Trampolining in a pair with a coach / parent
• Acrobatics and gymnastic bar training
• Functional games in the “foam pit”