Age: 5 – 18 years old

Duration: 55 minutes

Classes for beginners are for boys and girls in age categories:

Boys 5-7 years old
Boys 8-10 years old
Boys 11-14 years old
Boys 15+ years old

Girls 5-7 years old
Girls 8-10 years old
Girls 11-14 years old
Girls 15+ years old

The program is designed for children and adolescents who have not previously been engaged in gymnastics or have little experience. Small classes under the guidance of an experienced coach will bring not only the joy for your child but will also have a positive impact on their physical and social development. In classes children develop coordination, learn to control their body, master the skills of general motility, get acquainted with the gymnastic apparatus, which is used in both female and male events.

Coaches and children perform exercises using a variety of gymnastics equipment while playing: trampoline, ropes, obstacle courses, “foam pit”.

The curriculum is designed to teach children in a fun, friendly, unobtrusive atmosphere. In the process of learning basic gymnastic exercises, children develop physical qualities (strength, flexibility, agility, coordination), form a system of motor skills and abilities, improve the technique of exercising, as well as become aware of sports, in general, and specifically gymnastics.

Classes in our club are an opportunity for every child to see a different way, that they can be engaged in sports, meet new friends and become a socially active member of society. This is one of our club’s priorities.

The training program includes:
• exercises aimed at physical development;
• obstacle course exercises;
• jumping combinations on the trampoline for the development of coordination and agility.
• functional games in the “foam pit”;
• flexibility exercise
• chin-ups and hip circles on the crossbar and parallel bar.
• gymnastic exercises: front and back handsprings, a cartwheel, a bridge.
• gymnastic rings and ropes exercises aimed at the development of strength.