Kinder Gym

Age: 3,5-4,5 years old

Duration: 55 minutes

Classes for children aged between 3.5 and 4.5 years old include workouts (combined developing exercises for children), jumps, squats, entertaining exercises that are focused on the development of attention and ability to listen to the coach.

The program for preschoolers focuses on the formation of motor skills, learning of various gymnastic movements, the creative self-expression of a child and development of self-confidence. The basics of gymnastic routine for the improvement of the vestibular apparatus are studied through an entertaining game using musical accompaniment, as well as through exercises at specially organized “bases”.

In a 55- minute class children practice on equipment adapted to their size and use specially designed program.

The class program for children of this age group includes an obstacle course, bars, rings, a crossbar, a beam, a Swedish wall, as well as trampolines that improve flexibility, coordination, agility, balance and strength.

The program of exercises involves exercises to strengthen the pectoral muscle sling and developing correct posture skills.

Classes are fun and interesting, because they include the implementation of developmental tasks with different objects, functional games in the “foam pit”, learning of exciting gymnastic elements.